Buyee Bt

Buyee Bt

Buyee BT Interphone Bluetooth Intercom Headset Review

The Buyee BT Intercom stands out for a couple of reasons among similar products and devices. While many Bluetooth intercom sets leave users with muffled or distorted sound, this headset conveys clear sound, accepting you’ve adjusted your ear buds and mic correctly in your helmet. Check out the pros and cons for this headset and judge for yourself.

Pros of the Buyee BT Intercom Headset

The major selling point of the Buyee BT is that this headset offers excellent volume and audio, even when compared to more expensive sets. Additionally, you won’t find yourself groping for controls, as they’re large for easy use. Static is minimal, even with the volume on the loudest setting, making this a great pick for the money.

The build is of this headset is also solid, comparatively speaking. Other sets in this class can be excessively flimsy and easy to break, but the Buyee BT holds up well with repeated use.

One of the most obvious pros of this Bluetooth headset is the price. Riders truly get their money’s worth out of this headset. This makes it a great choice for first timers who don’t want to part with a lot of cash immediately, as well as seasoned riders who just love a great headset at a reasonable cost.

The Buyee BT offers clear calls and is a great headset for music, as long as you don’t want to share. This headset is a top-pick for single riders traveling to work or who want to tune in to their favorite songs while traveling.

This headset is also really easy to use with your phone while you’re riding, making your experience more fun and enjoyable, as well as safer.

Cons of the Buyee BT Intercom Headset

Perfection is hard to find. One flaw with this headset, if it can be called a flaw, is that the speakers are a bit too clunky. They aren’t large enough to create an encumbered feeling, but it may be noticeable to bikers who are accustomed to a sleeker design.

The three-way feature can be a little difficult to use, making this headset a better choice for two riders or single riders, and other brands of Bluetooth headsets can have difficulty in regards to compatibility.

Additionally, you can’t share music with your riding partner, as you can with many of the more expensive sets on the market. This isn’t a deal breaker for many people but may be an issue for couples or riding partners who are serious about music.

The USB charging cable is a weird size; not the standard. This can be a pain, as you have to take the cable with you if you’re going to have to charge the unit while away from home.

Overall, the Buyee BT Bluetooth Intercom Headset is worth the money you spend, but it is absolutely a better buy for riders who are mainly concerned with calls or music. It does work well for two riders but three or more can be a mess.