Koolertron Headset

Koolertron Headset

Koolertron Waterproof Intercom Review

The first initial impression of this set is that it’s great for sports bikes or anyone who doesn’t want a bulky intercom. The price is also really competitive, as you can pay as much for one headset with the features this offers. The Koolertron set holds its own and offers a longer talk time than similar products.

Pros of the Koolertron Waterproof Intercom Set

To state the obvious, one pro of the Kooltron headset duo is that they’re waterproof. This might not be a huge selling point if you live in So Cal but it’s a great feature if you like to travel, even on small getaways to the coast or most other areas.

You can use this headset for other purposes when you aren’t riding, giving it a little extra value for the money. The¬†Kooltron also works with any Bluetooth enabled phone and syncs with IPhone seamlessly.

Another great aspect of the Kooltron intercom is the coverage area. For the price of these headsets, you get (in some cases) double the coverage of similar products. You also get a much longer talk time with a full charge than you will with headsets in the same price range, at a full seven hours.

The Koolertron intercom set also works with virtually any motorcycle helmet and isn’t bulky like other intercom headsets. The design really is pretty sleek, making it a good pick for sports bike riders. You also get a mic that compensates for the wind and reduces noise. Is it perfect in every situation? No, but it is comparable to other sets.

A serious pro of this headset is the control for volume and music. It has a single control that you can safely and easily operate with gloves on.

Cons of the Koolertron Waterproof Intercom Set

If you aren’t using Google voice activate, you do have to push a button for calls and connecting with another device. However, it’s just a simple push of a button – pretty livable for most riders.

Some more expensive headsets allow you to talk and listen to music in the background. You can’t do that with this headset. It’s one or the other with the Kooltron. You don’t have voice recognition that allows you to seamlessly switch from talking to music without pushing a button. This can be annoying if you like to chat a lot while you ride.

When you’re listening to music, you may notice a small amount of background noise. This happens with a lot of Bluetooth headsets, but it should be considered if this is a pet peeve of yours.

The Kooltron overall is a solid product with more pros than cons. It’s a great choice for the majority of bikers, but if you live on your bike and like constant communication and music, it may not be the best headset for you. However, for the price, this headset duo is packed with features and offers a much sleeker and comfortable design with decent talk time.