Sena 20S-01D

Sena 20S-01D

Sena 20S-01D Communication System Review

The Sena 20S-01D Communication System takes chatting and music up a notch with steady and consistent performance. The technology of this system is great, along with the speakers, mic and natural audio quality. This system is perfect for riders who need a fairly impressive wireless range to avoid split-ups or missed turns in unfamiliar territory, who desire cleaned-up clear sound and value auto reconnect if connectivity is lost due to obstructions or excess distance.

Pros of the Sena 20S-01D

What separates Sena 20S-01D from the competition? Firstly, the distance for connectivity is impressive for a Bluetooth headset, along with the quality of the sound and distinction of the mic. Compared to other communication systems in the same price range, this is a great choice for couples or groups. You may get a little interference or a dropped connection when you face serious obstructions or excess distance, but the overall connection is solid.

Other great features include how easy it is to change functions and use the controls – virtually a no-brainer, even if you aren’t great with technology you haven’t tried before. It’s really easy to use FM radio, and you can use GPS and Bluetooth at the same time – which is invaluable when you need to talk to your traveling partner and find a destination at the same time.

Many features of this headset are adjustable, like the audio – for a more customized experience. Phone calls are very clear with no to little background interference and you can keep the music rolling in the background while you talk to other riders, no complicated steps involved.

Another notable aspect of this headset is that it seems to use less power than other headsets when your phone is connected, giving a longer run time before the inevitable low-battery warning.

Cons of the Sena 20S-01D

The cons of the Sena 20S-01D are similar to other products in this class and generally speaking, most of these issues are pretty minor when compared to the overall performance of the system.

The first issue is relevant if you have loud pipes or your riding partner does. You can get some background noise on this set. However, it generally sounds like a quiet static, which isn’t a huge issue for most people.

The voice recognition is generally accurate about 70 percent of the time, possibly being better for some people than others, but anyone who uses voice text or similar technology is probably already familiar with a lack of 100 percent accuracy.

From time to time users can experience technological issues, however Sena consistently puts out firmware updates to fix these bugs, generally keeping most customers happy with the Sena 20S-01D.

Depending on where you are, the FM radio can either be fabulous or shabby. Of course, you can upload music for the times you’re traveling through dead zones.

Final Recommendation

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a one-percenter or a lifelong biker somewhere in-between, this system is high-caliber and worthy of your ride and respect. It’s a great investment if you’re sick of listening to the wind and traffic on trips – delivering where it matters most. If you’ve never invested in a headset, the Sena 20S-01D won’t disappoint.