Sena SMH10D-10

Sena SMH10D-10

Sena SMH10: Excellent Volume and Range

With superior volume and noise reduction, the Sena SMH10 is an ideal choice for riders who generally stay within a quarter to a half-mile of one another, enjoy longer trips and want affordable quality. Forget missed hand signals to your riding partner or getting split up because you can’t communicate.

Pros of the Sena SMH10 Headset

Without a doubt, the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset offers superior volume compared to other units in the same class – even at higher speeds, making it great for interstate driving or long trips. The speakers are a bit larger than those on the Sena SMH5, but this headset is still slight enough not to be obstructive and offers customizable sound control.

Another great feature of this unit is the ability to easily switch between calls, music and conversation with other riders in your group. With proper installation, you can do just about anything you need to while riding, including share music at a range of almost 1,000 yards.

The Sena SMH10 lets you stay connected for 12 hours on one charge and has a 10-day standby life, which is great for delays in traffic or all-day weekend trips.

With this headset, you can preset the volume for music, phone and your intercom. Each returns to the chosen setting without the need for constant adjustment, making for a safer and hassle-free ride.

This headset also has a pretty basic and straightforward install, fitting most helmets well. It connects with IPhone seamlessly, has easy to use controls and clear audio-even with open-face helmets, which is a big plus for some cruisers.

Cons of the Sena SMH10

While the SMH10 gets a thumbs-up, there are a few issues that could be improved upon.

For instance, the Sena SMH10 only works with select GPS systems, although this issue is currently common among many headset brands. However, you can easily check the compatibility of your GPS with the unit to make sure it will work for you or upgrade to a compatible unit.

Just like the smaller Sena SMH5, this headset is really best for line-of-sight riding and can cut out on roads that twist and turn. While the sound is natural, a bit of echoing can occur at times, although it isn’t typically severe enough to cause problems.

The Sena SMH10 works best with quieter bikes; not a great pick for Harley riders or bikes with loud pipes.

Lastly, there is no carrying case included for this headset and certain components are delicate. Be careful not to snap off any pins if you tuck it in a pocket or bag.

On the whole, the Sena SMH10 is easy to use, offers excellent clear audio and connectivity, and is a great choice for everyday use – even on the interstate. Smaller than many products that offer similar features, the SMH10 is streamlined and offers a comfortable fit. This headset is a great pick for people who need a higher volume level or are bothered by background noise like wind when communicating.