Sena SMH5D-02

Sena SMH5D-02

Sena SMH5: A Top Pick for Most Riders

The Sena SMH5 Low-Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset is a great pick for day trips, everyday use or weekend getaways. Overall, this headset is a great choice for riders who like to ride in close proximity to one another or under 80 miles per hour. In its class, this unit is hands-down one of the best headsets on the market in terms of being user friendly with great features for the price.

Pros of the Sena SMH5

The Sena SMH5 offers a long-list of cool features but these are the ones that standout and make this headset a winner.

The Sena SMH5 headset gives riders the ability to converse just over 400 yards away and control headset function with a single push-button control that’s easy to operate – even with gloves on, allowing you to keep your hands where they belong. This helps you stay connected and safer while you ride. Also, the unit is fairly sleek and isn’t bulky compared to others on the market in the same price range with similar features.

Another excellent feature of this headset is that it’s compatible with other headsets, no matter what brand another rider is using, meaning you don’t have to worry about expensive upgrades or whether your buddy’s set will work with yours. This is a serious advantage, as many product lines don’t offer this type of compatibility. Keep in mind, you will need to take advantage of the free software updates.

Also, this Sena headset has a design that’s made for full-face helmets with a clamp attachment for an easy install, taking only about 15 minutes. One charge gives around eight hours of talk time, meaning you can cover more ground without worrying about charging up. Most riders need a break before this headset does.

The Sena SMH5 also has music playback for your favorite hit-the-road tunes, which is really a must-have if music is essential while you ride. This headset also has voice prompts in various languages, which is great for first time users or the technologically challenged. Noise-cancelling software gives very clear sound until reaching very high speeds, and the phone feature is simple to use for most riders. Even at high speeds, callers most often can’t tell you’re on a bike.

Cons of the Sena SMH5

There really aren’t a lot of issues when it comes to this Bluetooth unit. Most cons related to the Sena SMH5 are really dependent on the rider’s preferences and needs.

For instance, the speakers for the Sena SMH5 are not the largest available and riders who have a hard time hearing might want to opt for an upgrade to larger speakers. While the sound quality is great under 80 miles per hour, it can start to break up a bit once you hit breakneck speeds.

Riders who like to put a little distance between themselves and their companions can lose connection, especially around twists and turns in the road. This headset is best for line-of-sight riding or riding in close proximity, and the change from music to intercom in terms of volume is noticeable, with music being louder.

The last issue concerns using GPS, as it can take a few seconds for the volume to adjust accordingly. This isn’t a problem if you don’t wait until the last second to map out your route or you know your way around, but don’t expect split-second directions or you’ll sail past your exit.

Overall, the Sena SMH5 is an affordable headset, packed with great features that will keep the majority of riders connected, jammin’ and safer on the road.